25 Christian Affirmations for Success and Prosperity

Did you know that money and financial gain is only one aspect of success and prosperity? In the scriptures we find that success and prosperity have many more attributes and even deeper roots. A more robust understanding of success and prosperity includes us growing and becoming fully mature in all areas of life – relationships, self-discipline, benevolence and stewardship, etc.

Unfortunately, a few prosperity gospel preachers have given the terms “success” and “prosperity” a bad name for many. Overreacting to these unhealthy teachings, many Christian ministers have swung the pendulum the other way and have harped on the dangers of wealth and emphasized the need to be poor…you know, like Jesus.

First of all, Jesus was not poor. When the bible says he became poor for our sake, it is referring to him coming down from heaven to dwell on earth. I doesn’t mean he became broke. I mean, he was given a stockpile of gold, frankincense and myrrh as a baby. He had everything he needed. When he got older, he had women supporting him. He could even get money out of a fishes mouth for crying out loud! The point is, he didn’t worry about money. Isn’t that what most people are looking for – to get to a place where they never have to worry about money?

I believe that God wants each of his children to be successful and prosperous – just like any parent would want the best for their child. That is why I have come up with 25 Christian affirmations for success and prosperity to help guide you into what I believe is a very healthy, wholesome and spiritual perspective on the topic.

I have also created a guided affirmation video with all of these affirmations so you can listen along and reaffirm these beliefs. (That video is at the end of this post as well.)


(1) I am successful and prosperous.

Let’s start from a place where we believe we already have been given success and prosperity. It’s who we are by design. I once heard it said that the mere fact that you are here indicates that you competed with millions of other sperm cells to be the one who successfully fertilized your mother’s egg..and won. You beat them all! You were conceived and born a success! What’s more, the more you are conscious of your success and prosperity, the more your subconscious mind will look for ways and give you ideas to make it a reality in your life.

(2) I release the world’s standard of success and embrace God’s plan for success.

To experience the kind of success God has designed for us, we need to set aside what the world (that which stands opposed to God) has deemed as most valuable. We do better to allow our opinions about success to be informed and shaped by scripture. Understanding scripture is a life-long endeavor, so it’s in our best interest to continue to investigate what it means for us and be open to new beliefs as we become aware of them.

(3) I experience success by listening to and doing the will of God to the best of my ability.

Most often success is not measured in results but in progress. No one is perfect, so we don’t need to feel like a failure because because we’ve messed up. Just because you may have failed doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Staying faithful to God’s promises with all your heart, though your heart may periodically go astray, is a success. Abram believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. It’s not a works mentality.

(4) I receive the blessing for the Lord to grant my desires and make my plans succeed.

(Psalm 20:4) Sometimes being a success is simply receiving the blessing. In the Psalms, David blesses everyone with a blessing to be successful!

(5) I seek the advice of many wise counselors, ensuring my success.

(Proverbs 15:22) I wonder how many major purchases we would make if we sought advice from many counselors (did our research) first. Many folks are not successful financially because they make poor and impetuous decisions with their money. If it happens with money, you know it happens with other things as well.

(6) I commit my actions to the Lord to see my plans succeed.

(Proverbs 16:3) My understanding of this ancient Hebrew proverb is that it doesn’t mean we commit to take action or swear an oath. Rather, it means that we do what we can and trust God with the outcomes. Can you take action with no attachment to the outcomes? If you live your life motivated by outcomes rather than the joy of the process, you will give up before you see success.

(7) I embrace true humility and fear of the Lord, which lead to riches, honor, and long life.

(Proverbs 22:4) Here is an example that there is more to success and prosperity than simply achieving financial gain. What good is to have endless supplies of money, but a bad reputation? What good is it to have money, but not the health to enjoy it?

(8) I give generously and willingly to those in need, and the Lord blesses everything I do.

(Deuteronomy 15:10) First of all, giving out of a sincere heart is what God will bless. If you give to the poor just to receive a blessing, you’re obviously missing the point. When giving, consider giving more than just financial resources. Giving of your time and energy will please the Lord as well. Keep in mind the point about committing your actions to the Lord: Don’t be attached to the outcomes. One way to a father’s heart is to take care of his children, but doing it just to get in favor with the father will not be blessed in the end.

(9) I am successful and prosperous. I delight in God’s word and meditate on it daily.

(Psalm 1:1-6) Here, King David describes what real success is and what it means to prosper – to not neglect the blesser. “Seek the blesser and not the blessing” is a phrase you will often hear. Begin each day by meditating on God’s word. Then, delight in obeying it throughout the day and you will indeed be blessed. As Jesus also mentioned, “Now you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” (John 13:17)

(10) I experience success by avoiding the path of the destruction and walking in the way of the Lord.

(Psalm 1:1-6) Continuing his thought about what it means to be successful, David contrasts the things that will bring a blessing with the things that will ensure destruction.

(11) I trust in the Lord and I prosper.

(Proverbs 16:20) The idea of trusting in the Lord is made a bit more clear by the second part of the couplet of this verse. This verse equates trusting the Lord to heeding instruction. How many times have you heard a great lesson, agreed with it and then walked away as if you’d never heard it? James has some things to say about that as well, which echo Jesus’ words quoted in the above text. (James 1:22-25) Trusting in the Lord means taking action based on your faith in him.

(12) I don’t conceal my faults but rather expose them. I am open, and I prosper as a result!

(Proverbs 28:13) You may feel like you’re getting away with something by keeping it a secret, but in reality you’re only hurting yourself. Coming clean may seem like a difficult and embarrassing thing to do, but rarely will you find hostility if you confess with true humility. Rather, it will open the door to healing, growth and prosperity!

(13) The Lord has plans to prosper me and not to harm me.

(Jeremiah 29:11) Even though this verse was written specifically to the Jewish people during a specific period of their history (in other words it was not a general prophecy to all people of all times), this verse really shows the heart of God towards people. The Jewish people were going through a very challenging time, and God wanted to encourage them with a vision of what was to come. The Lord is not plotting your destruction. He is not looking for ways to punish you or harm you. That’s not who he is. What farmer or gardener would want to destroy a field that they worked so hard to cultivate? God’s heart is that, when challenging things happen to you, he goes to work to realize blessing in your life.

(14) My success begins in my spirit and is the result of my beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.

(Galatians 6:7-9) You are a system. You reap what you sow. You will get out what you put in. You will not experience success and prosperity in your life until you take responsibility for your words and deeds and the source of where these come from. Using affirmations like these is one great way to sow seeds of success and prosperity.

(15) I have a success and growth mindset.

(Romans 12:2) Repentance is a change of mind. Everything begins in your mind. All change and movement away from destruction, poverty, scarcity and lack towards success, poverty and abundance begins with changing your mind and fixing your mind on dynamic growth – not stagnation. The universe we live in, that God created, is a dynamic universe where everything is constantly becoming something new.

(16) I think big and I act even bigger.

In keeping with the points we’re talking about here, so much depends on how we envision the future. We are not staying here. We will grow into whatever it is we envision for our lives. You can’t move to a new place of being without changing the way you think to accommodate a grander future. You have to see it and even live it before it becomes a reality. It’s the old Dress for Success idea. You have to look it, walk it, talk it, dress it and act it before you ever become it. Like Muhammad Ali, he always said he was the greatest before it ever became a reality.

(17) It is God’s will, desire and good pleasure that I prosper and succeed.

(Ephesians 1:5) It was and is God’s will that we be adopted as his children. Why do you suppose that is? So he would have more minions that he could control to do his bidding? Or, do you think it may have more to do with the fact that he is a loving, generous benevolent father who loves to give gifts and loves to see our progress in the faith? (Philippians 1:25)

(18) Like God, I see things that are not as though they already are.

(Romans 4:17) God called the universe into being before it ever existed. God had a vision for the world before it every happened. That’s just how he works. You and I, being created in his image, can do the same thing. How does that apply to success and prosperity? Well, you tend to get what you focus on. If you believe for success and prosperity, you will tend to go after it and manifest it in your life more so than if you have a negative or faithless outlook on your prospects for the future.

(19) I experience success in my private life and my public affairs.

Phil Hartman. Ever heard of him? Extremely successful actor, comedian and voice-over talent. He was the voice of Troy McClure on The Simpsons. Fabulously wealthy and well-known. His personal life, however, was a complete travesty. Before he turned 50 his third wife shot and killed him just before killing herself. Tragic. God’s plan for your life is to have success in the public eye, as well as behind closed doors.

(20) I am worthy of success and take advantage of every opportunity to succeed.

This one tends to be a big hangup for a lot of Christians, I think. At least it has been for me. What I’ve learned is that, if you don’t have the belief that you are worthy of success, your subconscious mind will sabotage any efforts to achieve it – no matter how hard God tries to make you into a success. Your belief about your worthiness has to be informed by scripture, not your own opinion, behaviors or experiences. In multiple places in scripture God tries to make it clear that we are worthy of his love – which, by the way is the greatest thing to be worthy of – simply because he said so and demonstrated it. (Romans 5:6-8, John 3:16)

Being worthy of anything has to do with your self worth…and you are not the one that determines that. God is. Also, in my opinion, there is a big difference between being worthy and being deserving. Being worthy has to do with your value that God has placed on you. Being deserving has to do with what you have earned through because of your own efforts, and, if we confuse the two, we will be up and down and all over the place. As for taking advantage of every opportunity to succeed, we’re never going to pass this way again. Make the most of it! (Ephesians 5:16)

(21) I humble myself so that the Lord may honor me at just the right time.

(1 Peter 5:6) This is somewhat counterintuitive, but trusting God’s process and humbling yourself will get you farther than simply “looking out for number one.” Jesus said the least will be the greatest. If you want to be the greatest, be the servant of all. Famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” “Look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others” (Philippians 2:4) is a passage that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out at all for your own interests, but that you should look for win-win scenarios. Be at least concerned about others as you are about yourself.

(22) Jesus came that I may have fullness of life.

(John 10:10) God doesn’t want you to have great financial wealth but poor relationships. He doesn’t want you to be famous and yet constantly struggle with addiction. He wants you to succeed in every area of your life. He wants you to have real fullness of life. Sometimes this passage is rendered as eternal life or abundant life. Whatever way you slice it, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jesus did not come and give his all so that you will struggle, stagnate, be stuck, hate your life and be miserable.

(23) I am successful and prosperous, for I obey the voice of the Lord.

(Deuteronomy 28:1) God made a promise to the ancient Israelites. He wanted them to prosper and succeed above all the other nations. The key to their success would be whether or not they would obey the voice of the Lord.

(24) I am successful and prosperous, for I confess and renounce my sin.

(Proverbs 28:13) Same scripture as referenced above. What I like about this verse is that it takes it a step further. In addition to confessing our sins and feeling the mercy and relief of getting everything out into the open, this passage encourages us to leave that sin behind. It can become a vicious cycle to sin, confess, feel better, sin, confess, feel better, sin, confess, feel better, etc. It doesn’t much feel like prospering. Renounce that sin and open yourself up to a path of prosperity.

(25) I am successful and prosperous. It will be done to me according to my faith.

(Matthew 9:29) This and many other verses in the bible validate this idea that the outcomes you experience in your life, your success and prosperity, will be because of your faith. Not because of luck, chance, the stock market, the economy, a relative, a job offer or opportunity. It will be done to your according to your faith. Do you believe it?

YouTube video: Christian Affirmations for Success and Prosperity