The 5 Best Christian Affirmation Videos on YouTube

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For this roundup of the 5 best Christian affirmation videos on YouTube, results are based on the first five videos that appeared in a Google search. The search was the same as the title of this article.

This was the sole criteria for the results. There is no personal bias in these results whatsoever.

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Why Am I a Christian?

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If you’re a Christian, have you every thought about why you are a Christian? Have you ever asked yourself that question – why am I a Christian?

I was having a conversation with someone I had just met. In our first video conference they noticed all the guitars hanging on the wall behind me. They commented on what a nice studio I have and then asked if I play in any bands.

That struck a nerve with me, because all my life I’ve had these insecurities about not playing in a band. Sometimes it feels like you’re not a serious musician, or a respected musician, if you’re not playing in a band of some sort. Plus, sometimes it just feels like you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun!

I scrambled for things to say. I told him how I play in a jazz duo (and wanted to add that I do so every week, just to make myself sound more legitimate). I also mentioned that I do a lot of solo stuff and studio work. I told him that I had been working that day on recording some meditation music for an affirmation video I was creating.

The thought also crossed my mind to tell him that I play at church a lot, but, at the time of writing this, it’s not with a band. Also, since I didn’t know this person very well, I wasn’t sure if mentioning that I am a Christian was an appropriate or helpful move. That affirmation video I was creating? I didn’t mention to him that it was a Christian affirmation video.

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Rob Bell: An Introduction to Lessons I’ve Learned

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When it comes to Rob Bell, you’re in one of three camps – you either love him, you hate him or you don’t know about him. This is the same effect that Jesus had on people. You just couldn’t remain indifferent to the man. You had to choose a side.

Over the past several years I have read nearly every one of Rob’s numerous books, I’ve listened to all 250+ podcasts, I’ve watched his YouTube videos and I’ve seen him live twice.

You could say I’m a bit of a fan, and in this and following articles I am going to share with you some valuable lessons that I think we all – whether you like him or not – can benefit from.

In this article I’m going to focus on some very general lessons that I’ve observed in talking with other people about Rob.

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