Joel Osteen Affirmations: 25 of Joel Osteen’s Best Affirmations

There is a reason that Joel Osteen is so popular. In a religious world that’s filled with fear and guilt motivation, Joel’s message of positivity and empowerment is a breath of fresh air that so many feel the need for.

Encourage and build up your faith with these Joel Osteen affirmations. These are 25 of Joel Osteen’s best affirmations that are either directly based on his teachings or are a paraphrase of what he has said.

And remember…”say it like you mean it”!

At the bottom of this post is a recording of these affirmations which you may find helpful to listen along with.


  1. Blessings are chasing me down.
  2. Goodness and mercy are following me.
  3. The creator of the universe calls me a masterpiece.
  4. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  5. I am healthy. Thank you that healing is flowing in to me.
  6. I am favored.
  7. I am blessed.
  8. I am well able.
  9. I am victorious.
  10. I am the head and not the tail.
  11. I lend and do not borrow.
  12. I don’t compare myself. I celebrate myself.
  13. I stay in my race and am comfortable with who I am.
  14. I am not a slave to sin. I have been set free.
  15. I have God’s anointing, and that’s what matters.
  16. I am a child of the most high God.
  17. I have seeds of greatness in me.
  18. I have royalty in my veins.
  19. I live with expectancy of great things.
  20. God is going to supersize my dream. He can do more than I ask or imagine.
  21. God is going to open doors I never dreamed he would open.
  22. I am destined to leave my mark on this generation.
  23. The forces that are for me are greater than the forces that are against me.
  24. God is bringing me into a wide open land with explosive blessings.
  25. I know God’s best is still ahead.

And, here’s the recording…

Joel Osteen Affirmations: 25 of Joel Osteen’s Best Affirmations