Morning Gratitude Prayer

Get your gratitude groove on with this morning gratitude prayer! What a great way to start the day!

Below this guided meditation are each of the individual components of the prayer.

Thank you for this glorious day, God, that is filled with life, joy and pleasant surprises.

Thank you for the laughter and simple pleasures that this day holds.

Thank you that I am conscious and aware of your constant presence.

Thank you that I am highly favored and dearly loved by you.

Thank you that I am lovable and capable of so much love for You, for others and for myself.

Thank you that I am forgiven of all my sins and healed of all my diseases.

Thank you that I am righteous and perfect in your eyes by my faith in the blood of Jesus.

Thank you that I am a powerful and extremely capable being with high energy and motivation.

Thank you that Your power is made perfect in my weakness.

Thank you that I can be in control of my emotions.

Thank you that I am amply supplied with food and clean water.

Thank you that I am clothed abundantly and excellently.

Thank you for every breath of life I take and every beat of my heart.

Thank you for my great health, my self-healing and my strong immune system that works hard for me everyday.

Thank you for all of my wonderful senses, motor skills and faculties that are firing on all cylinders.

Thank you for all the incredible relationships that I have.

Thank you that my family and I are wrapped in your loving protection.

Thank you that I am surrounded by a very caring and loving extended family.

Thank you that I am surrounded by dear friends that are such great people and positive influences.

Thank you for the coaches, mentors, guiding souls and angels that I have looking out for me in my life.

Thank you for the very kind-hearted, trustworthy, and inspiring people that I continue to attract into life.

Thank you for my freedom and for those who have fought and lost their lives to preserve it.

Thank you for the work that I have the privilege of doing.

Thank you that I can take action today, which leads me toward achieving my goals.

Thank you for the home that I live in and the bed that I sleep on.

Thank you for all the utilities and technology that are available to me.

Thank you for the neighborhood I live in and all the opportunities available to me right here where I live.

Thank you for my gifts, my talents, and my abilities.

Thank you for releasing me from my past, freeing me from concern about future outcomes, and allowing me to live vibrantly and fully in this present moment.

Thank you that today I can show up as my highest self, as I know I am the difference.

Thank you for always being with me and always loving me no matter what.

What would you add to this gratitude prayer? Let me know in the comments!

BTW, the idea for this morning gratitude prayer came from Tiamo DeVettori who I was getting coaching from for a time.